Contest Announcement!

As you can see in the sidebar, I am up to $871.75 in Premium Blog donations. I thank you all for your generosity and I hope you're enjoying your increase in traffic!

So, the contest is, I am offering a $10 bonus to the person who puts me over $1000. But, since I only update the total once a week, there's no way for you to be sure how much more needs to be donated. Well, someone could donate $200 right after I make this post, but that is unlikely.

For your reference, I am currently $128.25 away, and this past week I received a total of $98.50 in donations. So, there's a chance we won't even make it to $1000 before the next update...but I'm hoping that this contest idea will give those who were potentially on the fence about making a donation a little extra motivation to do so. Thanks, and good luck!


Benny said…
Hi! Nice blog!
I've added you to my links, now do me a favor ;) :)
R2K said…

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