Rerun Sunday: 08/27/2006

The Laughorist
As you may have guessed from the title, this blog comes to us from the "Funny Blogs" category. This is a really hilarious blog, one of the first blogs I linked on here. I've been meaning to give Paulie the award for awhile, but I kept forgetting. Sorry Paulie, I blame my ADHD. (But you must know all about this from your post on ADHD, note my use of parentheses).

The Laughorist recently hosted the "E Pluribus Unum" Humor Contest, where the goal was to come up with a new, humourous slogan for the USA. The winners? Both people who found his site through my site here. Click here to see what they'll be printing on our pennies any day now... In any case, it seems that Paulie's been getting some nice attention even with me forgetting to give him the award.

The winners received their choice of prizes from "The Laughorist Store". This is a Cafepress shop featuring apparel (shirts, shorts, thong underwear, etc.) with funny slogans on them. My favorite is the one featuring this... Kinda reminded me of the stuff you'd see at Spencer's Gifts. I even had to ask him to make sure he came up with these himself, I didn't want to give credit where credit was not due. But sure enough, they're his original slogans, and his son helped him with the graphic design.

So, please check out Paulie's hilarious blog, "The Laughorist" and stop by his store if you get a chance too. And, as always, tell him that "Bestest Blog" sent you!


Michael C said…
Great rerun,
This blog is one of my favorites and one of a few fellow bloggers out there I communicate in blog- land with daily. He was very helpful when I first started blogging. Great pick!
Lizza said…
Yay for the Laughorist! I got to know about this blog through this site, Bobby (because you led him to my site). So thanks again. :-)
excellent choice!!!
the laughorist said…
Thank you, Bobby G Da Blogmeister, and all faithful (not talking about your private lives!) readers. I bow before all of thee. P.S. One more thing: Do you think the requested word verification of "CNSMLMA" is a secret code, or merely a subliminal message for "Communists Not Sporting Moustaches Love My Ass"? Just wondering.

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