Another Milestone!

Today, I exchanged links with my 500th blog! Incidentally, the blog was Hunna's Happenings and the prize is the link right there a few words could (should) result in a few extra visits.

Be sure to check out the Recent Additions for all 28 blogs I've entered so far today (yes, 28, I was a little behind on my linking.)

Also, don't forget to check out the "Bestest" of the day below!


MBD said…
i recently started some blogs on blogspot here, and a friend told me not to post too often or blogspot kills your site.

Ever heard anything like this before? Is my friend just out-his-mind, or is there something to it? Judging by your 28 posts thing, i figured it must NOT be true.

Julie said…
Hey Bobby, have you tried BlogRolling? I have it on my site. You basically put a code into your site under blog links, and then you go to the BlogRolling site whenever you need to add a link. It's so much faster and easier to add links this way, and you can opt to have the links show when someone has updated their blog.
SAirus said…
Hiii there ...

nice cool blog ..

greetings from the u.k
Bobby Griffin said…
The problem with Blogrolling is I don't know how I'd make the separate categories. For the freebie account they offer, you can only have 1 master list.
R2K said…
This is wild, so many links! How do you manage them all?

I just send you an email offering the link dealy.
Jessie said…
Cool prize! You rock!!!
Tony McCune said…
I'd be interested in a link exchange, but I'm I wonder if people make it all the way through the list to photography blogs.

Artistic Photography By Anthony McCune

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