What categories do I have to choose from?

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If you can't decide on a category, I would be happy to choose one for you. If at any point you'd like to change categories, please just let me know.

Personal - This is our largest category and appropriate for the 'typical' blogger who writes mostly about occurrences in his or her own life or rants and raves of their own opinions.

Entertainment - If your blog has a preoccupation with movies, TV, music, books or anything else Pop Culture, then this category is for you.

Technology/Internet - This category is for bloggers who enjoy writing about the latest developments in technology or anything at all that has to do with the internet.

Sports - Pretty self-explanatory, whether you blog about your own experiences in sports or your favorite professional team, this is your category.

Funny - Do you think of yourself as a comedian? Well, if the whole point of your blog is 'trying' to make people laugh (you don't necessarily have to be very successful at it), then this is where your blog should appear.

Serious/News - This category is a bit open-ended and intended for blogs with a specific topic of a serious nature. I don't necessarily mean serious like cancer, just anything doesn't clearly fall into another category. Also, this is for anyone who likes to blog about recent happenings in the news.

Educational - If your main aim is to enlighten and educate your readers on a specific topic, whether ir be science or how to buy a home, then tell me to put your blog here.

Picture/Video - This category is for bloggers who always include a picture, photograph or video in their blog. This could be your latest work of art or something you found on YouTube that you want your readers to see, it's all included.

Religion/Politics - If you don't immediately know that your blog belongs here, than it probably doesn't.

Writing/Fiction/Poetry - Now of course in a personal blog you 'write' about your everyday life, but this is more intended for the serious writer (you know, the kind who checks that words are spelled correctly and what not).

Pets/Children - If your blog is all about your beautiful kids or adorable little kitties and puppies (or ugly iguanas), then this is your category.

Travel - This is for bloggers who are chroncling their journey to either a new location they've never been to, or a variety of places on some sort of trip. Blogs in this category are usually about some sort of vacation or tour or going to college or moving to a new house in a different place than you grew up.

Miscellaneous - This category is not only for people whose blogs are absolutely random and could maybe fit in EVERY category above, but also for bloggers whose site has a clear-cut topic that just doesn't fit anywhere above. Submit to me what category your blog would IDEALLY fall into, and I'll put it in parentheses for my readers. If I get enough blogs of the same desired category, I'll create it for you!

Foreign Language - Our final category, this is for anyone whose blog is NOT in English.


Anonymous said…
Please link to this great blog - The Chipperfield Chronicles (hopefully it belongs in the funny category)
Anonymous said…
Please link to this great blog - The Chipperfield Chronicles (hopefully it belongs in the funny category)
Bernie said…

Fun site. Looks like a busy street with lots of stores on it. Glad to have visited.

I've added your site to the links on my page, http://planetinsurancezone.blogspot.com. Please place mine under the Educational Categry. Invite you also to take a moment and visit our website, www.insureproquote.com. Our Bernie hangs out there too.
S L S said…
Hi, I've linked to your blog. PLease feel free to link to mine.
This would fall in the Serious/ News category.
It may be Miscellaneous.
I mainly blog about what ticks me off or gets me excited.
Anonymous said…
Hi, please link to this blog
this is a great blog, where everyone can share their thoughts and post their advertisement in this blog......!!!
Chunks mom said…
please link to this blog


Dory said…

Please could you link to my blog: http://thenaturalblue.blogspot.com

I mainly write about my day-to-day existance, so I guess my blog would fit into the 'Personal' category.

Thank you
Chuggy said…

I attempt to be funny and will touch on politics, religion, entertainment and personal ramblings. i trust to your judgement as to what category it should be placed in. Thanks again.

Chuggy said…
eh heh, its actually Perpetualitybubble.blogspot.com


BigEll said…
I have linked to your blog.

My blog is probably best put in the Misc. category.


Beams said…
Can you add my blog
http://murmurssss.blogspot.com and help this inexperienced blogger to find how to link your site to mine.
Thanks! Would come under the personal category.
BBQ Man said…
Please link to my blog, I have linked you to mine at http://mongolian-bbq.blogspot.com/

Not sure where this blog belongs, you choose, I guess.
Graham said…
I added a link to your blog at http://fooslin.blogspot.com/

This blog would fall into the Personal section as it was spewed out over an 8 day period following a breakup....thx.
waytoogeeky said…
there is a link to your site at waytoogeeky.blogspot.com please place my blog in whatever section you see fit, (I suggest personal)
Lynne said…
Please add my blog - Life Changing Cancer - www.dahlborg.blogspot.com

Category is difficult; it's personal, it's educational, it's miscellaneous/health. My goal is to share the information I've learned about my rare cancer (gallbladder cancer), to tell my story, and to share thoughts on the spiritual ramifications of receiving a terminal diagnosis.
Frunobulaxian said…

Zombie-Fiction if it do ya fine.

im not sure if you got my e-mail so better safe than sorry.
Ruth Hunter said…
Please link to this "funny" blog. http://heyoprah.blogspot.com
I would like to invite anyone who wants to share their story with Oprah to post on the blog.
P.S. The Bestest Blog is linked up to Hey Oprah!
Ani_Jane said…
hey, i linked to this site - tis really good :)

mine is 'www.mylifeinthehovel.blogspot.com' and it's either personal or funny... possibly both :P

so... now it goes on the random blog list, yea? thanks :)
Melanie said…
I linked you on my blog.Couldnt find mine on bestest.

Confused me. :)))))

tranceporter said…

awesome blog you have there...i have placed a link to yours...
here is mine...
Irene Tuazon said…
Your blog's got me hooked so I linked your page to mine. c",)

You can check out my blog at http://www.mypregnantpauses.blogspot.com.

Keep at it!
James Garcia said…
Great site. I've posted a link to your blog on my site. Here's my link. Thanks.

James Garcia said…
Hi again,

I just submitted a comment that I posted a link to your site on mine. Here is my blog address:


I would like to be added to the Internet/Technology category, please. I neglected to mention that. Thanks, again.
eyechan said…
Have finally managed to link your site to mine: http://gaijin-memoirs.blogspot.com/

I guess my blog could fit into several categories (personal; travel; writing) so I'll leave it to you to decide where to put it.
Kay said…
Finally a place where i can find good blogs!

btw i've linked you.

here is mine : http://kaybelarek.blogspot.com/

a personal blog.

thanks a bunch!
Anonymous said…
I've added your link to my blog.

here's mine:

Either Personal or Sports - it's a poker blog.

FadeT said…
Hi there.. I've added your blog to mine, http://idupmmgcamni.blogspot.com/

I think my blog suites the writing category...

Katrina said…
Add my link:

I need more people to read my random thoughts, so put me in MISC

Anonymous said…
HI ,
I have link you to my two blog.

Thanks for your link back

I've added you to the following Gainesville, Florida Community Blog: http://city-guide.cc/gainesville.

This is an open community blog for the Gainesville, Florida area...anyone can log in and post for free!

Topics include the University of Florida, Gators, Alachua county, Gainesville, Ocala, events, nightlife, festivals, classifieds, announcements, photos, videos and places...anything related to the area.

Do you have a category for Community Blogs? Otherwise place this in the Travel - Destination category.


I've added your site to my Blogroll. I'm new at this so hopefully all works out well.
My blog is a Personal site with Photos on it, so it could go into both Personal/Photos categories I guess.
Hope to see you all there!
Blondie said…
Just added your site to my sidebar as a link. I don't know where my blog would fit. I'm being totally random in my blogs so I guess you can say it's personal/photos...i'm also writing a bit about my experiences in buddhism/meditation and online dating...Totally just dumping out into the cyberworld my thoughts, funny stuff, good stuff and bad stuff. Hope to have more people to visit me and get to know me besides the view friends who blog and family members who just haven't gotten it yet.
See you soon!
smallgreenriver said…
I linked as you asked, I am smallgreenriver.blogspot.com. Mine is in the personal category. Thanks
Anonymous said…
Hey i have added your site.. please add me too... :)

My blogs type is online money making please decide category.

Diana said…
Hi! You are doing such an awesome thing here! I linked to your blog. It's on my "Notable Blogs" blogroll. A great addition.

My blog is http://mae-synchronicity.blogspot.com and honestly, I'm not sure what category it would fit in. It's somewhat personal but mostly it's about web sites I find online, besides through PPP. Technology/Internet, perhaps? I'll just say miscellaneous.

Thank you for doing this. I'm sure to find some great blogs through your blog.:)
Liam said…
Hi there, and happy new year! I saw your post in the PayPerPost forum, and found your site from there. Thanks for mentioning it.

I have added you to my Blogroll, and would like my blog to be linked in your "Miscellaneous" category. I cover mainly politics with some other random stuff mixed in.

Thanks very much, this is a great service that you're providing!

† Jess † said…
Happy going-to-be New Year! I've accidentally stumbled onto your site and found it very useful, therefore I have linked to you in my blogger.

I would like to be listed under misc seeing as how I have no idea in which category I should be linked to =P


Thanks much!
matt608 said…
Hi, I have blogrolled you, and added you to my 'recommended blogs' section!!!. My blog address is:


Please add me to the computer/internet section.

Happy new Year!
Anonymous said…

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